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Aug 01, 2019

A New Perigee On The Web

You may have noticed a couple of changes on Perigee the last few weeks. We’re proud to share with you our brand new websites for Perigee, Seven and Cycles!

We’re delighted to see our freshly redesigned website come to life! With the completion of our new Perigee website we’ve also created stand-alone websites for our two apps, Seven and Cycles. With the success of our apps and with our growing user base we’ve decided that both Seven and Cycles needed room to grow. We’ve created all our sites to work together as a carefully designed ecosystem with the same tonality and visual language.

Conveying culture and reaching out to users

We have redesigned our websites and our visual identity to help better define the company’s character, mission and core values. The refreshed brand includes new typography, a refined color palette and illustration style.

By making the sites comprehensive but easy to navigate, we want to reach out to both our users and the community. The bottom line? Our redesign aims to increase the impact of our company and apps to our users bringing to life our mission:

“To promote a better world through making health and fitness fun and accessible.”

The team behind the screens

We also wanted the Perigee website to help in building a stronger relationship with our users and the recruitment of top talent. We have designed an About Us page that shows our company history, our core values and our successes. What we’re most proud of? Check out our latest digs with the icon we’ve created that displays an architect sketch of our current office building or our 10th employee Gemma from New Zealand! We want to give our users and potential recruits an idea of who we are by drawing back the curtain and giving an insight into the team behind our top-performing apps. And we are growing! Check out the latest job postings on our Careers page.

Designed to create healthy habits

While the company website is geared towards our professional community, we have redesigned the Seven and Cycles websites to be tailored to our growing global user base. The goal was to elevate the presentation of our products and achieve consistency with our apps look and feel. We built the Seven and Cycles websites from the ground up to match the user experience and visual identity of our friendly and colourful apps. You’ll also find brand new Articles pages for both Cycles and Seven. We’ve created new and tailored articles that will help our users make the most out of the app, learn more about their bodies and find content on overall wellness.

From a design perspective, the new websites have a clean user interface, a crisp typeface with character, and are brought to life with fresh colors, iconography and patterns with references to our apps. We hope you like them as much as us!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a look: