Track Pregnancy Period Tracker
Oct 30, 2020

Track Your Pregnancy With Cycles

Preparing for an addition to the family? Pregnancy mode is here to help!

We’ve always been thrilled to hear the success stories of users who were able to conceive by tracking their fertility with Cycles. By listening to their stories and the requests of our community, we were inspired to craft an intuitive pregnancy mode in the no-frills design you know and love.

From conception to delivery (sorry, we had to!), the team has been passionate about getting this feature off the ground, and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil pregnancy mode for Cycles.

Pregnancy Mode

Just found out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! You can easily switch to pregnancy mode in Settings. Your Cycle view will transform to reflect your pregnancy so you can keep an eye day by day, over each trimester.


Get ready for brand new pregnancy Insights, showing you what to expect in each trimester with helpful articles as well as mood and body predictions. Insights is your one-stop reference for any doctors appointments, showing all of your observations in one place!

Partner Connect

Happiness is better when shared, which is why you can make the most of our Partner Connect during pregnancy too! Simply link up on Cycles and your partner can follow along with your pregnancy that will help keep you on the same page over the next 9 months and beyond.

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