7 Minute Workout Seven 7 Month Challenge
Nov 09, 2023

The 7 Month Challenge Awaits

This daily habit-building challenge brings the spirit of Seven to life with its new design, rewards and progress features.

At the heart of Seven, you'll find the 7 Month Challenge. Created to make daily workouts a habit and celebrate your successes along the way. In our latest update, we've spiced up Seven's classic feature to make the journey to becoming a 7 Month Champion even more fun and rewarding.

Easily Track Progress

We wanted to make it super easy for you to keep track of your daily wins and feel like a champ throughout your 7 Month Challenge journey. The new calendar view is your sidekick for the job with clear markers for when you’ll get a heart refill, earn a workout and which day in the challenge you are. It's all right there in one convenient spot for you to enjoy.

Celebrate Successes

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the most recent 7 Month Champions or see how you rank against the best of the best in the Leaderboard. If your friends are on this journey alongside you, you’ll get notifications on their progress and can give them kudos on all their achievements.

Earn Epic Workouts

One of the most exciting changes in the 7 Month Challenge is here. Now, all challengers will unlock Epic Workouts! Every two months in the challenge, you'll earn the most exclusive and entertaining workouts that Seven has to offer. From channeling your inner Gladiator to becoming a Zombie Survivalist, and a whole lot more in between, these unique workouts are your chance to show off your Seven cred.

Want to try the new release for yourself? Update to Seven 10.6 on the App Store today!