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Dec 09, 2021

Seven’s New Look

A new Seven update has landed! With a fresh design and major improvements to the way you track your workouts, read on to discover what to expect from our latest release.

Log New Activities

We’re all about helping you stay active - and not just with Seven. That’s why your activities outside the app count towards your 7 Month Challenge, and why we’ve been working hard to improve the way Seven helps you track.

From skiing to soccer, bouldering to baseball, you can now add more workouts than ever. Plus everything is tailored to your fitness routine, with your recents all in one place and an easy way to create your own custom activities. Simply tap the ‘Add’ button in your Profile to track.

Celebrate Your Progress

It’s a well known fact that exercise makes you happy, flooding your brain with mood-boosting endorphins. A brand new post-workout celebration brings that feeling to life in Seven! What's more, you can now view all your most important stats as soon as you're done working out. Monitor your progress, check your calorie burn and don't forget to add a note describing how you’re feeling (prediction: on top of the world!).

To help you make working out a habit, we're also introducing a brand new way to keep an eye on your streak. Discover fun flames that change color as you progress; work out every day to unlock new shades and #feeltheburn 🔥

Designed for You

Seven’s new look is smooth and athletic. It’s brighter and more intuitive but stays true to its signature playfulness. We’ve cut back on noise and brought the features you love to the foreground, making the PT in your pocket more functional than ever.

From refining Seven's colors and icons, to larger improvements to the way you create Custom Workouts and navigate key screens, we can't wait for you to discover the changes. We've even made massive improvements to how we welcome new users. Invite your friends to see for yourself!

Check out today’s update and make the most out of your workout tracking. Seven is ready when you are.