Customize instructor blog
Mar 02, 2022

Seven’s New Custom Trainers

This highly-requested update has been in the works for a long time. Say hello to Seven’s brand new gang of trainers!

Since we first launched Seven, we've prioritized an approachable and welcoming instructor, a contrast to the fitness world's preferred shiny athletes with muscles to rival the strongest superhero. In an image-conscious industry, we wanted to give you a break with simple and friendly models to help you easily understand and follow your workouts.

We’re thrilled to announce that today brings us one step closer to this ambition, with customization options to help you create your own trainer in Seven. You can now choose from a broad range of skin tones and hair colors for your trainer. An added bonus? You can choose an outfit that represents your unique style too! Your settings will be reflected in the Apple Watch app, AirPlay and right across every place you find trainers in Seven.

We want everyone to feel welcome in Seven and find a trainer you connect with. With today’s release, we’re excited to be moving that bit closer to a more inclusive workout space.

Update in the App Store today to try it out for yourself!