Seven OG Feature
Aug 06, 2013

Seven Is Here

Our newest app Seven launches world-wide!

Your daily 7-minute workout

We at Perigee are thrilled to announce our latest app Seven for iPhone & iPad. Seven is a workout app based on the 7-minute workout that was made famous by the NY-Times magazine for only requiring 7 minutes of daily exercise to achieve the benefits of regular workouts.

We liked the concept as soon as we read about it, and dug deeper into the original journal article to learn more about this new wave of high intensity interval training, because who doesn't love things that make us faster, stronger, healthier AND saves us time? In less than 7 minutes we decided to make Seven, the app that teaches you the 7 minute workout and coaches you through it with precise illustrations, visual timers, voice cues and so on. But we especially wanted Seven to help you do the workout every day.

Game of Hearts

This is where Seven stands out as it sets the goal for you to do the 7 minute workout every day for 7 months. Just like your favourite video game you start off with three lives. Skip a day and you lose a heart, but miss 3 workouts in a month and your progress resets to zero and it's game over. If you stayed alive by the end of the month, your hearts re-fill for the next one, making each month feel like a separate level towards your goal.

The game feeling is further reinforced with the workout calendar where you can not only see the days you worked out, but also how long you managed to maintain workout streaks thanks to the colour coding. The colour effect also turns out to be a fun competitive element when comparing with previous months or with friends and colleagues to see who got the best workout streaks.

There is of course more to motivate you, like the built in achievements you unlock as you workout, the smart reminders that by default only nag if you don't workout, or the real life rewards you get after some workouts. But if we made these things right, you won't notice them, just that you suddenly do daily work outs with no effort and increased well-being.

Available August 8

Seven will be a free download in the App Store starting August 8 for iPhone and iPad. To be the first to know about future updates make sure to join our mailing list and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Lets start our journey towards well-being together, 7 minutes a day.