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Jun 14, 2016

Seven for WatchOS 3 Preview

As you might have seen in Apple’s WWDC Keynote yesterday, Seven for watchOS 3 is in development. We couldn’t be more excited and took this opportunity to re-create the experience taking advantage of the new Fitness, Graphics and Audio capabilities that’s coming to Apple Watch!

Usually we don’t write about our apps before we ship them, but we figured we could give you a heads up on a couple of the new features coming in Seven for watchOS 3.

  • New concept of Heart Boosts will encourage you to work hard to hit your max heart-rate on key exercises.
  • Fully animated exercises and butter smooth visual timers will show clear form and timing for each exercise.
  • Brand new audio engine will play all your favourite instructors directly from your Apple Watch.

The new Seven app for Apple Watch will come this fall when watchOS 3 and iOS 10 goes live. You can already see a preview of the new Seven running on a watch in Apple's Keynote (starts at 26:30), and there's plenty of more things to announce. We can't wait to share more as we get closer to release!