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Dec 05, 2019

Seven Challenges You

If you’re looking to end off this decade with a bang, our latest feature, 30 Day Challenges, is the perfect way to kick off your new habit. Why wait until New Years to improve your fitness when you can start today?

The 10s have come to an end and as we make our way into the 20s many of us will be making resolutions that we’re hoping to stick to. Did you know that only 8% of resolution makers actually follow through with them?

We want you to make a habit of working out, that’s why we’re introducing 30 Day Challenges not after New Years, but before. Working out shouldn’t feel like a resolution or a chore, with the 30 Day Challenge you can focus on a targeted area on your body and receive custom exercises to help you achieve the results you want.

Choose A Goal

With seven goals to choose from you can find the perfect match for you. Whether you’re trying to target a specific area like Upper Body or looking to improve your Strength each challenge will help you see results fast.

Workout Daily

Seven will take your goal and create a curated list of workouts to help you accomplish it. How do we create a workout tailored to you? After your daily workouts indicate how it was. Too easy? Good? Too hard? When you rank your workouts we take your skill level into consideration to help you gradually become stronger and make your difficult exercises easier.


If you love unlocking achievements, 30 Day Challenges comes with a whole new list of rewards to earn. Our newest achievements include Strong As Steel, Moving Mountains and Heat Wave just to name a few.

Looking for something new in the Seven app, planning to up your fitness game or just in need of an excuse to start working out again? If so, 30 Day Challenges in Seven will quickly become your new best friend!

Happy exercising 💪