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Nov 14, 2018

Seven 8 - A Whole New Experience

We are excited to reveal that Seven has been completely rethought from the ground up; changing how you find, learn, and complete workouts.

The first things you'll probably notice are the new graphics and vibrant colors, and as much as we love them, the changes in Seven 8 go much deeper. We redesigned every single screen to make the best features more prominent and removed anything that could slow you down in finding the perfect workout.

Start your workouts faster

The Workout section in Seven is now fully focused on getting you into a workout immediately. At the top, you see your most recent workouts, followed by your Workout Plan and Freestyle sessions. Further down, you will find all your favorited workouts as well as your custom made ones for quick access.

Discover new workouts

Want to find a new workout to do? The new Discover section is made just for that. For example, in the For You area you get recommended workouts from our personal trainer that are based on your goals and fitness level. Other areas help you find workouts focused on certain parts of your body, different kinds of workouts, categories etc.

Find more favorites

Found the perfect workout? In addition to favoriting it for quick access, you can now see similar workouts you might like as well. We think it’s a great way to expand your collection of favorite workouts and keep finding new ones to do.

There are many more new additions in Seven 8, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises here. We hope you enjoy Seven 8, and as always, we are looking forward to hearing how it works for you.