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Jan 04, 2018

Seven 7 – Get The Support Of A Whole Community

Our latest version of Seven ticks all the boxes!

We are always thinking of ways to help you stick to your workout goals. From the inviting 7 Month Challenge, interesting Achievements to unlock, to the fun and quirky Instructors in Seven. It’s all about making sure you create a habit of working out – and having fun while doing it.

But motivation to get active doesn’t only come from within. It can also be powerful to see how your friends and family are doing, get some encouraging words along the way, or compete with a friend for that extra motivation. That's where Seven 7 comes in.

Your Feed

When your friends work out or earn achievements you will see this in the new Feed section. Plus, you can like and comment their progress, which allows you to connect and motivate each other like never before. We believe support from your friends is key for staying on track with your goals. Therefore, we’re excited that you now get to encourage and engage with your Seven buddies in a new way.


We’ve streamlined the old Track, Achievement, and Account sections into a single new Profile section. There you’ll find everything you want to know about your progress. In addition to cool stats like your streak, achievements and number of completed workouts, you also get a detailed view of your activity and 7 Month Challenge.

But it’s not only about you! When viewing a friend's profile and tapping the stats or achievement section, you get a new compare screen where you see your stats and achievements vs. your friend's. Simply put, it's more fun to challenge and compete with your friends in Seven 7.

7 Month Challenge

We’ve listened to your suggestions and added a pause button! Whether you’re feeling under the weather, going away on vacation, or for whatever reason aren’t able to work out for some time, you can now pause your challenge up to 30 days per year. Once you’re back to working out, you can resume your challenge and it will continue where you left of.

Add other workouts

If you did a workout outside of Seven, like running or biking, you can add this workout in Seven and it’ll count as an active day in your 7 Month Challenge. While this has been available for some time, you can now also choose which day you completed the workout. This allows you to add your workouts up to a week after you did them, instead of having to do it the same day.

We can't wait for you to try Seven 7! Let us know your thoughts, questions and ideas on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. See you there!