Nov 09, 2017

Seven 6 - Workouts Reimagined

Our new update gives you more!

Get ready for a new and improved Seven experience! Seven 6 throws out the old Workout and Learn tabs and replaces them with a single new Workout tab. It’s been completely redesigned for you to quickly find, explore and start workouts no matter where in the app you are.

New workouts

With 54 all-new workouts added, the variety and possibilities are endless. And don’t worry, with the new filters, categorization and favorites, it’s easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for – even with so many more options. Upon request we’ve also grouped all workouts into categories based on your fitness level; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Get more for free

This update also means more workouts to explore for our free users. In addition to the Full Body workout you now also have Today’s Workout – a random workout that’s free for the day – and Freestyle Sessions, where Seven creates a custom workout for you based on your preferences. And if you like it, you can of course save it to your favorites. Today’s Workout and Freestyle Sessions renew daily, so make sure to check in for new workouts to try every day.

Tablets and wearables

And don’t think that we’ve forgotten about the tablet and wearable versions! The iPad app’s new split screen browsing makes it much more fun and efficient to look through different workouts or building your own. The Apple Watch and Android Wear apps also got a makeover, and it’s now much faster and easier to launch your workout, all in a single tap.

Seven 6 is available for both iOS and Android starting today, and we can't wait for you to try it. As always we’d love for you to share your experience, questions and suggestions with us through email or social media. Now let's do some workouts!