Seven Workouts
Feb 04, 2016

Seven 4 - Our Biggest Update Ever

Today Seven 4 is rolling out worldwide. It’s the biggest Seven update we’ve ever made and we are super eager to finally share it with you!

7 Club

Maybe the biggest news in Seven 4 is the introduction of 7 Club. By joining it you get access to all current and future workouts, as well as direct access to our certified personal trainer who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about getting in shape. It’s a great way to get all content and exclusive support to achieve your goals. But this is just the beginning... as we roll out more updates, expect to get more benefits as a 7 Club member.

New workouts

We’ve had the same 9 workouts for almost 2 years. They are diverse and complimentary which makes them a great set of workouts to have. But over time we’ve found so many more workouts that would be useful. Seven 4 brings them all to you. We are happy to announce that Seven now has 38 workouts and over 200 exercises to get you in shape. And we are not stopping here, moving forward we will continuously add more workouts to keep things fresh for you.

New design and features

In addition to more than 4 times more workouts we also revamped the design of Seven with 75% of the screens completely refreshed and lots of smaller improvements in the remaining areas. One of our favourite improvements is the new Achievements page where you now can see detailed badges for each achievement as well as share really cool images of them.

The track page also got a lot of love, with more graphs and insights about your performance. So no matter if you just missed out on the 7 Month Challenge or are on your 23rd month in the challenge you will see improvements in the track page for every workout you complete.

And much more

There’s a lot more new things in Seven 4 than we can't fit here, but we would like you to explore and find out on your own pace, take a look around and let us know what you really like or would like to see more of. We’re here to help you have fun and stay in shape!