Seven 3 Feature
Nov 12, 2015

Seven 3 - Into A New Dimension

We're really excited to finally share our Seven 3 update with you. We think it truly pushes the boundaries of what a workout app in your pocket can be. Let us take you on a quick tour...

Animated exercises

All exercises are now animated in real time 3D. We think this will be really useful whenever you are in doubt about how to perform a specific exercise, or just need a quick reminder. And because it’s real 3D and not movie clips, you can interact with the exercises too.

Want to see the movement from a different angle?

Use your finger to rotate the instructor.

Is the instructor doing it a bit too fast?

3D touch on the instructor to slow them down, with adaptive slow-motion speed based on your pressure.

And if you are a little bit like us, you might find yourself going into slow-motion more often than you expect, just because it’s so fun to see all the motion details that you miss at regular speed. We will share more about how this was made possible later, but for now, let’s just say that there was a lot of technical wizardry involved.

Female instructor

Another addition in Seven 3 is that you can pick the gender of your instructor. We thought it would be fun to be able to pick and vary as you want so we made it easily accessible from the same familiar instructor section. As before you can still pick different voices for your instructor too.

3D Touch

Slow-motion is not the only thing we enabled with 3D Touch, there are also navigational shortcuts. For example you can now 3D Touch on a workout to peek into the exercises inside it. See an exercise thumbnail somewhere? 3D Touch it to peek into the exercise in motion.

One final tip for 3D Touch: You can press firmly on the Seven app icon from your home screen to jump straight into your last workout. A quick workout just got quicker!

Apple Watch improvements

Workouts started from your Apple Watch will now show more details in the workout complete screen. This also makes the experience more similar to the built in workout app on your Apple Watch. We think it’s quite neat to see the workouts total time, active calories burned, and your average heart rate for the session.

There’s also a slew of improvements to the syncing with Health and Activity apps in Seven 3 as well as the usual interface tweaks and bug fixes.

Out now

Seven sets our beloved workout app in motion, and into a whole new dimension. We’ve had really fun playing with the 3D workouts and the way the whole app has come alive, and we are very excited to finally share it with you to see how it fits your life. So... time to tap that update button?