Jan 02, 2023

Seven 10 Has Landed

We’re rolling out two brand new tabs to help you make connections and keep track of your progress in Seven.

In 2022 we began the journey towards Seven 10 with Plan and Workouts. Today we’re fitting in the last pieces of the puzzle with two brand new tabs: Profile and Progress.

Seven 10 encompasses everything we think a good workout app should be. It’s backed by research, rewarding, simple and social. It makes habit-building a breeze, and working out addictive in the best way possible. Read on to find out more about today’s update.

The Progress Tab

Stats are a fundamental motivator. They help you visualize your progress, making it easier to keep the momentum going day after day. Previously tucked into the profile tab, we decided that your progress now deserved a tab of its own.

Scroll through the Progress tab to find the stats that matter most to you. You’ll recognize old faithfuls like the 7 Month Challenge and Achievements alongside new trophies to unlock and brand new stats. Now you can see which workouts you do the most, how much you focus on different body areas and how your routine varies between strength, HIIT and cardio.

Think of the Progress tab as your personal fitness dashboard. A handy tool to keep score and make sure your routine is balanced.

A New Profile Tab

Two big changes here: we’re waving goodbye to Seven’s Activity Feed, and welcoming Friends. As Seven has grown over the years, we’ve seen a community of workout pals grow. To help facilitate these connections and make Seven a friendlier place to be, we’re changing the way you connect from Followers to Friends.

You can choose what’s important to you in Profile. Keep up with your friends’ activity in the redesigned feed, or turn the toggle to only view your own. Missing someone in your feed? Don’t worry - if you don't currently follow each other mutually, one of you will have a friend request. Learn more here.

Thanks for working out with us. We hope these changes help you stay inspired on your fitness journey, and stay tuned. There’s more to come in 2023!