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Aug 12, 2015

Say Hello To Seven 2.5

We've launched the latest and greatest instalment for Seven, Seven 2.5. Check out the newest feature offers below!

Last week Seven had its 2 year App Store anniversary. Looking back, it is surprising how so many things in Seven have sticked around since the first release. As we introduce new features and content in each update, we always strive to maintain the simplicity of version 1.0. It should be easy to start a workout and learn about the workout. Until now the first two tabs have been exactly that, Workout and Learn.

Now we are removing the Learn tab. In the new streamlined Seven 2.5 there is only one place to select a workout or learn how to do it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Seven Original Workout or your own custom workout. This makes it effortless to switch between checking what’s inside a workout, refreshing yourself on how to do specific exercises inside it, or actually starting the workout.

We also added indicators that display how much Technique, Strength and Endurance each workout and specific exercise will demand from you, but we didn’t stop there, these indicators are also visible for your own workouts. So as you add or remove exercises you can see how the total levels are impacted for your own workout. Super useful if you ask us!

So we have a new streamlined design and more interactive information around all workouts. What about new features? We have several, but let us focus on the revamped intervals section in this post. You can now for example set Seven so it doubles the time on exercises that require a “Switch Side” in the middle. Turn it on and Side Plank becomes 30 seconds on each side instead of 15, perfect for fitness enthusiasts. More of a beginner? You can now also adjust the pause time for switching sides, or even the countdown to start the whole workout.

Finally, we wanted to top off this update with a big present. From now on all instructors in Seven are free. Like really free. You can switch from the demanding Drill Sergeant to the understanding Hippie at your hearts will. Whomever you choose, we can can promise they will bring an extra big smile to your face as you do your daily workout.

Seven 2.5 goes live later today and we think you guys will have a lot of fun with it. Keep up the good work on your 7 Month Challenge, and talk to you soon!