Cycles App
Feb 05, 2014

Pocket Cycle Transforms Into Cycles

Our latest redesign transforms the app your love into a simplistic and playful new design.

Today we are really excited to announce a big update to Pocket Cycle. We refreshed the design and streamlined the whole experience. This went as far as the actual name of the app. We wanted a name that indicated the simplicity and playfulness of our app: Pocket Cycle, meet Cycles. Below are three main areas where we've improved Cycles 2.0

Beautiful iOS7 design and 64-bit support

The interaction in Cycles was already modern and minimalistic so we didn't need to change much of it to fit into iOS7. However the graphic design that was state of the art just a year ago now felt like it didn't age too well. We threw out textures & noise and focused on the core of Cycles: Bright warm colours with simple natural shapes, and a touch of playfulness. We think this new design feels a lot fresher and will better stand the test of time. To top it off, we also optimised the architecture for the latest 64-bit devices. The future is here!

Easier learning curve

Cycles has always been about staying informed about your cycle at a glance, and letting it handle the predicting and logging for you. However the original app could be too simple sometimes as some users thought Cycles couldn't manage irregular or historical cycles. Cycles actually did all this for you in the background, with a simple way for you to calibrate when needed. To make this feel less "hidden" and easier to learn we labeled the Cycle dial and made the info button more clear, right next to the cycle. We also revamped the whole support section inside the app.

A single upgrade

The final area we wanted to improve was how you upgrade to get the partner and reminders features. We decided to streamline this into a single purchase: Cycles Pro. We also made it more clear that in addition to sharing with your partner and setting reminders you also get online backup & sync between your own devices as well as removal of all ads. If you already upgraded before, you will automatically get Cycles Pro free of charge.

Cycles 2.0 will be out later today so keep an eye on your app store updates, and don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts!