Pocket Cycle Cycle
Feb 20, 2013

Pocket Cycle: Ready To Roll

Get excited! Our first app is almost here!

Everyone here at Perigee is excited to announce that our first app, Pocket Cycle, is just a week away from release. But why would someone create another period and fertility tracking app when there are dozens already on the App Store? Read on to find out what makes Pocket Cycle so special.

A Tale of Two Apps

When you browse the App Store for a period tracker you quickly find them divided into two groups: apps targeting women and those targeting men.

Apps targeting women, which unvaryingly use pink floral patterns on every screen, are obsessive about logging every possible piece of data about your cycle. They don’t mind asking you to keep track of your daily temperature, weight, moods, when your period started, if it ended, if you ovulated today, or whether you had one too many croissants. The amount of work required to keep up with these period trackers is simply daunting and, frankly, not so useful.

On the other side of the aisle is a smaller group of apps targeted toward men who apparently want to be alerted before the lunar apocalypse. These are often designed as military devices that provide drastic “Red Alert” messages when a girlfriend is likely to menstruate, or give hints such as “Evacuate!” when she probably needs his support the most.

Built for Both of You

If you’re in a loving relationship, neither of those types of apps will please you. Our team strongly feels that both women and their partners want a quick and easy way to see, or be reminded, when fertile or period days are about to start.

And that’s where Pocket Cycle comes in. It’s a single app that both of you can use to get a quick glance of where in the menstrual cycle she currently is. You’ll be able to plan that ultimate getaway trip for the best week next month, or, if you are planning a pregnancy, you will both know when the stars are about to align. And with secure reminders, you can finally get discrete notifications on your phone about personal things like when to take the pill or when your fertile days begin.

There are a whole lot of other things that Pocket Cycle will help you do, but there are even more that it will save you from having to do in the first place.

Thanks to Pocket Cycle, you’ll no longer need to:

  • Calculate when your next period will arrive
  • Have that unromantic conversation about which day of the month it is again
  • Rip out the calendar to see when your period might fall down the line
  • Ruin a surprise weekend by discussing with your partner when it’s a good time
  • Sync your schedules when planning a pregnancy (both of you will just know)
  • Forget to take a pill just because the reminder was too private to set on your phone

We truly believe we’ve created a menstrual cycle app that’s better than anything out there, that makes life better for women and men, and redefines what staying in sync really means. And we’re just as excited for you and your partner to try it too!