Pocket Cycle Partner
Apr 30, 2013

Pocket Cycle 1.1

We've gathered your feedback and after two months have updated Pocket Cycles to better serve you!

When we created Pocket Cycle 1.0 we focused on making it the most fun and easy app to see where you are in your current menstrual cycle, and how the upcoming months where forecasted. We felt that this focus on the present and future was the most important part to get right for our users of both genders. Now that Pocket Cycle has been available for two months we have gathered all your wonderful feedback and found two things that stood out among what you missed.

Today we add these two things to Pocket Cycle.

1. Lookup and add past periods

It's time to address the past in addition to the present and future. We understood that it would be of great value to keep a record of past cycles, for example so you can consult Pocket Cycle when your doctor asks how regular your cycles are. Another thing was that you, dear users, wanted a way to transfer your cycles from other apps and calendars to Pocket Cycle, and we would of course love to facilitate that.

What we didn't want to do though was to add complexity or more things to keep track of for users who didn't care about the past. That's why we took our time to get this right. With Pocket Cycle 1.1 users can keep using Pocket Cycle as if you only cared about your present cycle, and calibrate it by simply rotating the dial as usual. But behind the scenes Pocket Cycle will now record your past cycles and keep track of their actual lengths as soon as you enter a new cycle.

Further more you can now access the brand new Period Log from the calendar tab where you can see each cycle with its length, days with flow, and easily add or adjust additional periods. We think this will be incredibly powerful, yet very simple to use, as you can get more information about your cycles just when you want it.

2. Add your own notes to the calendar

The second most requested feature was the ability to add notes to the calendar. This was something we actually had ready for version 1.0, but since it didn't store your past cycles it wasn't useful to enable before we had found a way to support the historical dimension, the Pocket Cycle way.

With Pocket Cycle 1.1 you simply tap on a day in the calendar to add a note to it. We made it quite simple and broad with a free text style, so every user can choose themselves what they want to use it for; mark intimate days, record their temperatures, store symptoms etc. However if it turns out that you mainly use the notes feature to do a single task, let us know, as we could look deeper into making that task even easier than with the current notes feature.

It's worth mentioning that the notes you save in Pocket Cycle are personal, so your partner will never see them. However as long as you are logged in at the Partner tab your notes will sync between your iPhone and iPad as usual.

Spring cleaned app for you

Finally we also polished up some parts of the user interface and overhauled the cycle and partner parts under the hood. In addition to fix several bugs this also made the app more efficient and sturdy for future updates. With Pocket Cycle 1.1 everything you loved in 1.0 is maintained, but we now added a bit more depth that you can uncover whenever you feel you would like it.

Just as last time, we are now eagerly awaiting your feedback to see where Pocket Cycle will roll in the future. So keep sending us emails, and happy spinning!