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Apr 02, 2020

Perigee At Home

Trading in a buzzing office environment for a home office takes some getting used to. We've compiled the team's top tips that are proving indispensable not only for our productivity, but our mental health too.

As we adjust to our new normal as a remote team, we've been pondering exactly what it is that makes a remote working work. Now that we’ve settled into our at-home groove, we're ready to share our findings.

Get dressed

Yes, we're starting out simple.

We don’t have a formal dress code here at Perigee, but we’d probably draw the line at coming into the office in our pyjamas. When you’re working from home it can be tempting to relax those rules and roll straight out of bed to your desk, but that won't set you up for the most productive day. Business on top, pjs on the bottom seems like a great idea until you need to get up to answer the doorbell during a video call!

"Wear 'normal' clothes. Wearing slacky clothes will make you feel slacky."
Jonathan, Developer

"I’m one of those jean-wearing work from homers, I know, I know, but wearing normal “work clothes” is the easiest way to get your mindset into “work-mode”. I also recommend making a schedule as soon as possible, penciling in lunch breaks, stretch breaks or whatever you need."
- Raneal, Growth

Set up your workspace

Set up a comfortable workspace somewhere you know you can be productive. If possible, keep it separate from the rest of your home. If you don’t have an extra room for your home office, it can be as simple as dedicating a specific corner of your apartment to work. Make sure you’ve got a comfy chair and try to find some natural light to boost your productivity throughout the day.

"Never work from your bedroo
m or couch - better to have a dedicated office for work. Also, make sure you stand up and move around/do some exercises once in a while."
- Andrei, Developer

Get into an asynchronous workflow

It’s easy for days to fly by in a flurry of messages and video calls. Adopt asynchronous communication as much as possible when working remotely; this means not expecting messages to be answered right away, but allowing your colleagues to read and reply on their own schedule, allowing everyone the space for an uninterrupted workflow.

"Switch to asynchronous communication for as much as possible to enable long stretches of deep work. It’s easy to get caught up in a day full of video calls, when most of them could have been communicated in written form. The remaining details that really need to be in person can then be clumped together to start or end of day."
- Naim, CEO

"When it comes to working with remote workers, if I know that I am going to need to communicate with someone a lot, then I will set up a video call at certain time. This allows me to spend the rest of the day focusing without distraction . Lists help me feel productive and less stressed, allowing me to tick things off throughout the day."
- Gemma, Developer

Stick to your schedule

Maintaining your normal work schedule not only helps your colleagues know when to reach you, but it can also be a source of comfort when the world around us is changing rapidly. Mapping out an action plan with goals and scheduled breaks to boost your productivity, and setting a fixed time to log off at the end of the day can be excellent ways to do this.

"Have a clear agenda for the day, try to set daily goals and mini milestones. At the end of the day reflect on the day. Try to have short breaks preferably with a short physical activity to refresh your mind for the next task (ideal to have after mini milestones, it’s also more satisfying 😊)."
- Cem, Developer

"Structure is key! Keep a similar time schedule as you would in the office, and also dress as if you were there. Make sure to stock up on a nice brand of coffee to keep you going."
- Martin, Analytics

Create transitions between work and rest

Without your morning commute, it can be challenging to prepare your mind for work. Signal to your brain that it's time for work by listening to music, getting some fresh air on your balcony or even doing a quick home workout. Transition into the evening by changing the atmosphere: lighting candles, softening the lighting and changing into cosy clothes can be a great way to do this.

"Don’t work in your pyjamas, stick to the usual work and rest hours, but make working from home a new routine. I usually start the day with a 7 min workout now which replaces my bike ride to the office 🚴‍♀️"
- Laura, Designer

"Take time to differentiate between work and rest. Set yourself up for a good day’s work by getting ready for the day by getting ready as usual and setting up an efficient workspace. In the evenings, try to to switch off from 'work mode' completely so you can be fresh for tomorrow."
- Emily, Support

Keep it social

You might not realise how much you appreciate coffee-room chit chat until you're home alone for days on end! To help us feel more connected, we've set up an virtual water cooler where we can check in with each other throughout the day. We've been sharing tips for keeping sane in quarantine, comparing house plants (yes really) and planning after work video hangouts.

Here's to our new normal as a remote team - and doing it in style until we meet again 👩‍💻

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