Seven for Apple Watch4
Apr 24, 2015

Perigee ♥ Apple Watch

We are proud to announce that both Seven and Cycles are available for the Apple Watch Launch! It has been really fun to re-imagine our favourite apps for such a small and personal device that you wear.


With Seven our goal was to let users do their workouts and track their progress. We think we found a very natural, yet feature rich way of doing this. Starting Seven on Apple Watch brings you to the familiar start workout page with the same options to configure your workout as you have on your iPhone. Tap the Start button and illustrations with the new purpose-built timer guides you through the workout, complete with your instructors voice!

We know workouts is just a part of Seven and tracking your progress is just as important for you, so we also created a Seven Glance that quickly shows your heart status, as well as how your 7 Month Challenge is going. Did a workout today? Everything is blue and cool. Didn’t have time to workout today? The progress will glow yellow to let you know there might be a problem here! Tap it to get into the Apple Watch app and remedy it.


For cycles we knew you would like to take a quick glance at were in your cycle you or your partner is. But wouldn’t it be cool to also be able to calibrate your cycle from your Apple Watch if your period came early or late? We thought so. So now with a simple force touch you can set when your period came. That’s all it takes for Cycles to do all the calculations in the background and update your period log with actual cycle lengths and fertile days!

And don’t worry, as we re-designed the cycle look to fit on a small screen we made sure it is still discrete and not screaming out to people nearby that you are looking at a menstrual cycle. And yes, there is still not a single trace of pink.

Plenty more

There is plenty of more to discover in these new versions, both on the Apple Watch (black is back!), as well as on iOS. Among other things, we finally fixed the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus graphics and layouts, and both apps got their own App Preview Videos in App Store.

We hope you like our latest versions of Seven and Cycles, and if you feel we missed something, don’t hesitate to reach out!