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What’s New?

  • Seven for Apple Watch4

    We are proud to announce that both Seven and Cycles are available for the Apple Watch Launch! It has been really fun to re-imagine our favourite apps for such a small and personal device that you wear.

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  • Perigee Icon

    What a year it has been. We noticed our last post is almost from a year ago, and here we are with 8 million new users since we wrote it! We thought a short recap of what we've been up to could be appropriate!

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  • 4 million

    Today marks our one year anniversary in the App Store. Starting with Cycles launch followed by Love Sparks and Seven we couldn't be happier with our suit of apps today.

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  • Cycles App

    Our latest redesign transforms the app your love into a simplistic and playful new design.

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  • Seven OG Feature

    Our newest app Seven launches world-wide!

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  • Pocket Cycle Partner

    We've gathered your feedback and after two months have updated Pocket Cycles to better serve you!

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  • Pocket Cycle i Pad

    Pocket Cycle is available starting today in over 100 countries and localized into a dozen languages!

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