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What’s New?

  • Seven Plans Header Image

    Sometimes you can’t workout every day and with hectic schedules it’s hard to keep up - even when the workouts are only 7 minutes! That’s why we’re happy to introduce our latest update to Seven's Plans! This new update will help you stick to your goals and achieve the results you really want.

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  • Jonathan 2

    Next up we have developer extraordinaire, Jonathan Hagberg. One of the great masterminds behind our redesigned app, Cycles!

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  • Preview chat Seven Profile Stats

    In our latest update the team has worked on a major improvement to your Profile and how you track your fitness progress in the app. Check out the latest update and how it will improve your fitness game, starting now!

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  • IMG 9313 a68aed37232f7fa32994199718fc929b

    Looking to diversify your day? Get your creative juices flowing? Every quarter the team at Perigee participates in an internal Hackathon. Check out why we think you should start implementing Hackathons into your work life!

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  • Martin

    This month we're sharing an interview with our favorite (don't tell anyone else) designer Martin Knight!

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  • Blog image dark mode

    Not only have we just released a redesigned Cycles app, but we’ve also been hard at work getting our apps ready to move into iOS 13 bringing with it some pretty cool features, Dark Mode and Sign in with Apple!

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  • I Phone X Isometric Seven

    We’re thrilled to announce the release of Cycles 4 launching today in the App Store. With this new launch comes a full overhaul of the app which hasn’t seen a refresh like this since it was first created in 2012!

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