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Mar 15, 2018

More Ways To Enjoy Your Workouts

We are thrilled to announce Seven 7.1 is available in the App Store and Google Play today. This update expands on a lot of the social features we launched in Seven 7, but also includes improvements to the workout logging, and a brand new instructor!

Follow custom workouts

Creating your own custom workout with exactly the exercises you want and in the perfect order is something many of you love to do. Starting with Seven 7.1 you can also see workouts your friends created, give your feedback with comments, and even follow them to add them to your own workouts.

Not really ready to share all your custom made workouts? With a private profile, only your accepted followers will see your workouts.

Meet the Fitness Buddy

She’s one of the new instructors in Seven! She loves hard work just as much as the reward. Her endless energy and motivation will draw you into the workout and help you complete it with confidence. The Fitness Buddy can be downloaded for free from the instructors section, just like your existing favorites – the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader, Hippie, and Kung-Fu Master.

Give Seven a personal touch

Seven is a community of driven and supportive achievers – and you are an integral part of it. To make your profile more personal you can now add your location, a bio or simply a line of motivation to it. Check out other people’s profiles to see what drives them. Maybe they are even nearby and ready for a workout together…

More to explore in the feed

How did you feel after the last workout? Challenged, pumped, tired but happy? Write a note about your experience right after the workout, for yourself, or for your friends. Workout Notes will be shown next to your workout in the feed.

Speaking about the feed, when a friend creates a new workout, or follows someones workout, you can now discover the same workout right from your feed. We also added the option to record Walking Workouts to the feed. And last but not least, we made sure you can see the latest comments on things in your feed right in place. Tap to see all comments if there are more.

No matter where your journey takes you, we are there to support you and provide you with everything you need to get there. We are waiting for you in Seven 7.1! And if you like the release, or there is anything we missed – don’t hesitate to let us know! Write us at