Workout modifications
Mar 30, 2023

A More Accessible Seven

A quick flip of a toggle creates a routine that's personalized to your preferences and supports injury recovery.

Improved Accessibility

Maybe your knees aren’t as strong as they used to be, or you were a little too ambitious on your last skiing trip and your shoulder is paying the price. Whatever the reason, with a quick flip of a toggle Seven will now update based on your injury or preference!

We’ve added 7 brand new filters from Pregnancy and Post-Natal to Shoulder Pain or No Jumps. To tailor your workouts to your needs, simply apply your filter in Settings, and Seven will switch out the exercises you don’t want with effective alternatives. You can even filter out individual exercises you want to skip.

We hope this helps make Seven even more accessible and enjoyable; Just remember to always listen to your body and double check with your doctor about any injuries first.

New Live Sessions

We’ve updated Live sessions to make it feel more ‘Seven’, with a playful new design and better way to chat. Get into the real-time, worldwide feeling with our friendly new globe and boost each other in the comments. We’ll see you out there!

One Tap Sign In

Want to use Seven on a new device? With one-tap sign in, it’s easier than ever. Simply tap once to get started, right where you left off. It’s as easy as that.

Want to try the new release for yourself? Update to Seven 10.2 on the App Store today!