I OS 14 widgets
Sep 16, 2020

iOS 14 Widgets

Widgets are getting an overhaul for iOS 14 and we're ready to jump in on the action!

In Apple's latest software update, Widgets are being promoted from their humble beginnings in the 'Today' view to taking center stage in your home screen. What's more? They're totally customizable.

For Seven and Cycles, this means even better control of your well-being - you can now see your most valuable information from our apps at a glance, choosing between small and medium sized widgets depending on your preference 👇


Seven's widgets are all about Plans, helping you easily keep track of your workout schedule at a glance - never forget to work out again!

You can now quickly check the next workout in your plan with icons showing upcoming workouts. Choose the small widget to see what's happening over the next few days, or a larger widget to get an overview of the coming week in your plan.

Watch the progress bar fill up as you move through the week and maximise on that satisfying ‘workout complete’ feeling by seeing a check mark next to your completed workouts.


The new Cycles widget gives you a color-coded snapshot of your cycle to help you keep track of your current phase and see what to expect next at a glance. Check where you are today with a discreet marker so you never lose track.

How much you see up to you... Choose the small size for a quick view of the week ahead, or the medium widget for broader overview of your cycle. The choice is yours!

Our brand new widgets will be available to you on both Seven and Cycles when you update your Apple devices to iOS 14.