Make your own workouts
Jul 20, 2023

Get Creative With Custom Made

Become your own personal trainer and design your own workouts with a new Custom Made experience.

One of Seven’s most popular tools, Custom Made provides a creative space for you to design your own unique workout routines. With today’s update, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect exercises for your workout and make quick edits with a few simple taps.

Plus, we’re taking Custom Made one step further, helping you design effective workout routines based on your goals and fitness level. For every new routine you design, Seven will provide recommended exercises to help you reap the most benefits from your workout.

Last but not least, we’re celebrating the power of sharing. We all have that friend with enviable abs, or who always has the best stretching routines. It’s time to learn their secrets! Find their Custom workouts in their Profile, and hit the follow button to save their workouts alongside yours for inspiration on the go.

Ready to get creative? Update to Seven 10.4 on the App Store today to discover the new Custom Made.