Jan 02, 2020

Freestyle Fitness

It’s the Seven you know and love, spruced up with more free content, brand new workouts and a fresh coat of paint. Welcome to Seven 9!

Our resolution for 2020? To get your resolutions to get off to the best start possible! Check out our new features to find out how we’re giving your workout routine a helping hand this January.

Our New Features

Brand new workouts

Your wish is our command! We’ve taken the most-requested workouts and turned them into reality. Need to go easy on your knees? We’ve added No Jump and Static workouts, as well as the highly-requested Senior workout for older adults (because strength training is even more important as you age!). If you dreamed of a better booty in 2019, make it a reality in 2020! Don’t miss our brand new Sculpt and Tone and Skater Butt workouts to help you create a strong lower body and turn heads as you go.

We’ve also taken a sneak peak at the hottest fitness trends in 2020 to inspire you with workouts like you’ve never seen before. Try our fast-paced new tabata workout or the HIIT Yoga hybrid to lengthen and strengthen in record time. Speaking of records, we’re taking our workouts to pro level, inspired by the Olympics this year - check out our brand new Gymnast and Superhero workouts to train like an athlete! Find all these and more in the Discover tab.



Want a more targeted experience? You can now personalize your freestyle routine to target your abs, legs or upper body. Also, if you don’t love your workout, you can make it your own by refreshing any exercise, changing the number of circuits and choosing an instructor straight from the workout view.

Save it for later

Freestyle routines refresh automatically, but you don't have to lose a combination you loved! After completing your workout, you can now save it by adding it to your Custom Workout section, allowing you to return to it again and again.

Free today

You spoke and we listened. When it comes to increasing your motivation to work out, a little variety can go a long way. If you’re looking for something different every day, Freestyle will be your new go-to destination. We’ve boosted our Freestyle routines with brand new free exercises, serving up fresh workouts with a new routine to try every time. Check it out in the Workout tab #WelcomeToFreestyle!

Color pop

There’s nothing quite like the start of a new decade as an excuse for a makeover. We’ve been working hard to create a sleeker design, staying true to our simple and fun aesthetic, but bringing it into 2020 with a fresh pop of color. Even more good news? We’ve drastically reduced the size of the app - even Seven is getting in shape for January!

Wondering how to get started with a workout routine? Check out our Plans to keep you on track, or start a 30-Day Challenge to get the results you want by February. As always, let us know what you think @SevenWorkouts!