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Nov 08, 2019

Follow Your Fitness Journey

In our latest update the team has worked on a major improvement to your Profile and how you track your fitness progress in the app. Check out the latest update and how it will improve your fitness game, starting now!

Whether you're a new user or old user, the new stats and journey views in Seven will have you feeling pumped and ready to take on even more challenges in the app. Check out the details on our new features below!


Ever wonder how you compare to other Seven users? Maybe you want a better understanding of your all-time streaks or activity in the app. Well, now with the new Stats feature in your Profile you can see all this and more! At a glance you can see both your current and all-time stats, keep track of your total time spent working out and a list of your achievements.

At the heart of Seven, our 7 Month Challenge section shows your current streak and how you compare to other users currently in the challenge. Are you in the top 1%? Maybe top 5% or even top 70%, whatever your score is the more you workout the higher it will go!


Every fitness journey starts on day 1, but what happens once you hit day 150 or even 365? We've got you covered with our new timeline feature which shows your workouts and all the achievements you've received along your fitness journey. Whether you're a first time user or a historic user of Seven, Journey will quickly become your favorite feature!

Friend Profiles

If you have a competitive streak, you can now see how your friends are progressing and compare your stats to each other to see who the real fitness buff is. Looking for new people to follow? Maybe an accountability parter? Check out our social channels on Friday and take part in our #FollowFriday series to meet other Seven users looking to help cheer someone on.

We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we did when making them! As always feel free to reach out to us at @SevenWorkouts