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Mar 06, 2020

Everybody's Invited to Seven

Reply to comments, invite friends and earn rewards. We’re bringing people together on Seven 9.2!

Finding a great workout buddy can be the key to committing to a workout routine. With our 1v1Challenges off to an exciting start, we want to make it even more rewarding to connect with your friends.

Earn new exercises

Free user looking to switch up your workouts? Now you can unlock new exercises by inviting friends to join you on Seven.

All you need to do is share your personalized link with a friend - when they create a profile and complete a workout, we’ll reward you with a brand new exercise.

Master these moves to get more out of Freestyle, or create brand new combos in your Custom Made workouts.

Share the 7 Club love

Members can now gift 5 lucky friends an exclusive 30 day membership to the 7 Club.

These guest passes unlock the very best of Seven - Personalized Plans, 30 Day Challenges, PT Support, and more. Bring your friends along on your fitness journey and watch your motivation soar!

Reply to comments

Whether you’re finding new workout buddies or discussing fitness tips, we love seeing you connect. Now it’s even easier to start the conversation.

No more searching through comments, you can now reply to your friends directly! Let the banter commence...

Looking for workout tips or buddies on Seven? Join our community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @SevenWorkouts!