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Sep 11, 2019

Embrace The Darkness With Seven & Cycles

Not only have we just released a redesigned Cycles app, but we’ve also been hard at work getting our apps ready to move into iOS 13 bringing with it some pretty cool features, Dark Mode and Sign in with Apple!

With Dark Mode you can expect a break from the bright and white screens of the past. If you’re an early riser and like to start your day feeling pumped you no longer have to squint when checking out what exercise is next during your workout. Dark Mode for Seven will have you reaching for your device every morning and unlocking achievements left, right and center!

Don’t forget daily logging! If you like to cap off your night by logging your body and mood observations on Cycles, Dark Mode will make sure your brain continues to wind-down and the harsh light doesn’t keep you up past your bedtime.

Did you know?
Dark mode doesn’t need to be turned off OR on! If you like the look of Dark Mode but only want to use it when the sun goes down, go to ‘Display & Brightness’ in your Settings and click ‘Automatic’ and press Sunset to Sunrise.

Sign in a simpler way

One of our favourite features in the new iOS 13 launch is Sign in with Apple. Now signing in is fast, convenient and secure when you’re using Apple’s latest feature. Just tap “Sign in with Apple” and after a quick Face ID or Touch ID scan you’re ready to rock. With this update, our users can experience a seamless signing in process making Sign in with Apple much more convenient than our previous Facebook login option which we've removed.

These new features will be available to you on both Seven and Cycles later this month when you update your Apple devices to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

We hope you enjoy using Seven and Cycles in Dark Mode and with Sign in with Apple!

To launch the news our team went all in for "Dark Mode"