Cycles Privacy
Jul 07, 2022

Cycles: Your Privacy & Data Secured

An update on how we keep you and your health data secure.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had many questions about your privacy and how Cycles ensures that the sensitive health data you input into the app is safe and secure.

We believe that everyone is entitled to a free and safe option for tracking their cycle. Below you'll find answers to the questions you may have surrounding this issue.

How important is security and privacy to Cycles?

Security and privacy are very important to us and has been the focus of the app since day one. You’ll find that any data we do store is anonymized meaning it won’t be traced back to a specific person. We only keep the most important and relevant information and never ask for extra data that’s not necessary, this includes data that would call out specific health or medical treatments or procedures.

How does Cycles secure my data?

We follow the EU's GDPR law, which is the world’s strictest privacy law, for all of our users whether they’re in the EU or not. Additionally to this, all of our data is stored within Europe for additional security. When you delete your account, your data is removed from our storage right away.

We don’t share your data with third-party advertisers or partners. Our revenue is only gained through the users who decide to subscribe to Cycles to access the extra features we provide. This allows us to provide even more security and privacy that other apps don’t have. We have never and will never sell your data.

How can Cycles help me keep my account secure?

We provide many options to configure your account so it is secure and anonymous. You can enable any of these at any time:

  • Hide your email
    When you use “Sign in with Apple” you can hide your email address from us. What’s the benefit? We can’t link anything to your personal information. It generates a random email address meaning we won’t be able to link any data to your personal account. If any government were to request your data via an email linked to your account we wouldn’t be able to locate it.
  • Passcode protect your app
    You can add extra security by adding a passcode or biometric passcode options which are required every time you open your app. This means that even if someone has access to your phone they’d still need an additional passcode to open up Cycles.
  • Use a fake name
    Add whatever name you’d like to make your Cycles profile feel safe and secure. No traditional first or last names required.
  • You own your data and account
    Easily delete your account and data straight from your profile at any time. This will immediately be deleted from our servers and there won’t be any way to bring it back.
  • Store your data locally
    By not creating an account your data lives on your device only. Meaning we can’t access it, only you. This effectively is like keeping your period dates on a calendar (but one that travels with you).

What will Cycles do if requested to handover data?

Your safety and security is our top priority. By giving you options to have your data in an anonymous mode we’d have the benefit of telling the requester that it’s impossible to find you in our databases as your information wouldn’t be linked to any personal identifiers.

If U.S. authorities or any third-party authority were to request your data (through a subpoena or a court order) you can rest assured that we would not simply hand it over. As we’re governed under EU law this allows you extra security under the GDPR rules we’re compliant to.

Feel free to check out our privacy policy as well for more details and you can always email if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.