Cycles Feature Wide
Sep 23, 2015

Cycles 3 - Better Than Ever

Our latest update is our biggest and best so far!

Did you notice our Cycles 3.0 update? We're pretty excited about our biggest update so far. Actually so excited that we decided to write a bit about all the improvements we made. You won't be disappointed, we promise.

We love the Health App

We made sure all your cycles and reproductive health data can now be shared with the updated iOS9 Health app. This means switching period tracking apps gets easier as all your cycles will be transferred if desired. From what we’ve seen from switchers to Cycles we think this will be great welcome present for those of you that haven't tried it yet. It couldn't be easier to switch to the period tracker app you feel gives you the best experience.

More powerful Apple Watch app

Apple also released watchOS 2 and we could finally start using the digital crown in third party apps. We used this to make the calibration of your cycle even easier on your Apple Watch. Now you simply rotate the crown to mark if your period started today, or if it's late, in the same familiar context that you see your cycle in.

We are also really big fans of the new complications. You can now quickly glance at your watch-face to see where in your cycle you are and how long is left until the next phase. Super useful if you ask us!

Track your whole body

With Cycles 3.0 we also found ways to beef up the functionality without adding complexity. We think it’s most evident from the new symptoms tracking feature. Tapping on a day in the calendar, you can now keep track of moods, pains, pill intake and sexual activity to see how they relate to your cycle. You can also access these from the Cycle tab by tapping the big button in the middle.

In addition to these symptoms we also added support to track more cycle related events. Everything from specific ovulation-test results to cervical Fluid observations, basal body temperature changes, or if you noticed spotting outside of your normal days. You can also learn more about these symptoms and how to track them from scientific studies, right from the same place as you record them.

Customised for you, you and you

In Cycles 3.0 we also wanted to make sure everyone could tailor it for themselves and their unique needs. One new thing that drastically changes how you can use Cycles is the new option to disable automatic cycle starts. With it disabled, Cycles will keep adding days at the end of your cycle until you mark that your period started, usually by rotating the cycle dial a step so it marks the first red day. Perfect for irregular cycles!

In addition to that you can now also select between multiple fertility tracking methods and decide if you want to hide PMS days, Fertile days or even Ovulation days from the app if you are not interested in tracking them.

Improvements galore

That’s just a glimpse of all what’s new in Cycles 3.0 We could go on and on about the new calendar and cycle dial that now shows PMS days, new reminders for PMS and ovulation days, streamlined period log that simplifies how you view and edit your past cycles etc. But maybe you wan't to try out the update by yourself at this point?

Thanks for all the feedback we got so far, and we are looking forward to hearing more from you as we continue to improve what we believe is the worlds best Period Tracker. For both of you.