Mood tracking custom
Oct 21, 2021

Custom Feelings In Halo

You can now add your own feelings and influences in Halo!

How are you today? Are you feeling empowered? Effervescent? Whimsical? Or just a bit… meh? There’s thousands of words to describe your emotions, and finding the one that perfectly captures your mood can help improve your tracking.

You know best when it comes to how you’re feeling, which is why you can now add your own custom feelings when you track your mood in your Daily Check-In. What’s more, you can also add your own activities to help personalize your logs and reflect the unique details of your day.

Easy to add, your personalized feelings and influences will be saved for you to use again and again. For Halo Premium, your custom feelings and influencers will be available in insights in Insights just like the classic mood logs in Halo!

Don’t have Premium? You can still view your custom feelings in Insights with a 7 day trial to learn what makes you tick and uncover patterns between your feelings and activities. Happy tracking!

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