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Aug 27, 2020

Complete Tracking Freedom

We've been hard at work improving period tracking and fertility logging in Cycles. Complete with fertility charts, flow tracking and more, we're thrilled to introduce the most intuitive version of Cycles to date.

Improved period tracking

Full control

You know best when it comes to your period, which is why we've been hard at work to give you even more flexibility when it comes to your cycle. You now have complete control over individual period days, with all potential irregularities covered. Easily manage period days, add gaps and separate bleeding days - total cycle tracking freedom!

Flow levels

You can now record Heavy, Medium and Light days in Cycles. This highly requested feature helps you create a full visualization of your menstrual flow in keeping with the simple design you know and love.

No assumptions

Don’t know when your period will end? No problem! Our handy new ‘inferred days’ will give you a clear idea of what to expect from your upcoming cycle without making assumptions about your period.

Visual cycle history

You can now quickly see the length of your cycle phases, ovulation days and periods in one easy colour-coded view. Easily compare current and past cycles with a quick scroll through your history and make any edits with a simple tap.

Better fertility insights

Improved Fertile Window

If you're keeping an eye on your fertility, we're thrilled to announce some huge improvements to help you keep track. Your fertile window and estimated ovulation date will now shift depending on your cervical mucus quality, BBT and ovulation test logs. The more you log, the more accurate your fertility predictions will be!

Visual Pill Tracker

Easily track your pill intake with the brand new Pill Intake section in Insights. Simple visuals will help you identify missed, late or double pills at a glance - a helpful reference for doctors appointments or just for you!

Fertility Insights

Cycles Premium member? You can track your fertility in the Insights tab, complete with Basal Body Temperature graphs, ovulation charts and more. See what Insights can do for you with our free trial of Cycles Premium.

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