One to watch
May 28, 2020

App Store's One to Watch

The App Store recently launched their new 'Ones to Watch' campaign, spotlighting up-and-coming apps across Europe - we're thrilled to announce that Cycles made the list!

Alongside just 7 other apps, Cycles was selected to be part of the ‘Everyday Helpers’ category, shining a light on apps that make your daily life that bit easier.

The App Store's full length feature, describes Cycles as an empowering tool for starting more open conversations about menstrual health and making the right choices for your body. As we work hard every day on making Cycles a reliable and educational tool for period tracking, we couldn't be more proud of this recognition.

Here's to Cycles and our fellow 'everyday helpers' allowing you to move through your days from a place of comfort and ease!

If you haven’t tried Cycles yet, download it for free on the App Store today.