New Year workouts
Dec 29, 2021

All New For 2022

Family Sharing is finally here and we’re dropping 10 new workouts to ring in the new year!

New Workouts

There’s something for everyone in this update, so be sure to take what you need. Ready to elevate your fitness? Look out for Power Pilates or HIIT Strength to feel your muscles burn. Need to recharge? Ease tension with Wind Down, Active Recovery or Low Impact, a new joint-friendly routine.

From mood-boosting moves to muscle-activating routines, there’s much more to discover in Seven! This new blend of restorative and challenging routines will set you on track for a happier and healthier 2022.

Family Sharing

Not only does working out together help you stay accountable, it’s just more fun! We’re thrilled to announce that Family Sharing has arrived on Seven iOS, meaning you can now share your 7 Club subscription with up to 5 family members.

Stay motivated together with fun competitions like Duels and Leagues, or see which of your family can keep their workout streak going the longest! There’s something for everyone in Seven, making it the perfect way to help your family build healthy habits that last a lifetime. Upgrade to Family Sharing in Seven settings and help your loved ones discover the joy of working out!

Seven is ready when you are. Update in the App Store or Play Store today to discover the updates.