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Aug 29, 2019

Cycles 4 - A Period Tracker Reimagined

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Cycles 4 launching today in the App Store. With this new launch comes a full overhaul of the app which hasn’t seen a refresh like this since it was first created in 2012!

Our vision for Cycles has always been to help our users feel empowered and take control of their menstrual health and this update accomplishes just that.

Why the Changes?

Throughout this redesign our major focus was making Cycles more impactful. If you’ve been a Cycles user in the past you’ll know that from day one you’ve had the cycle at a glance and smart calendar views available. Now, we’ve made these features even better by adding intuitive tracking and automatic calibration.

We always keep feedback from our users on-hand when updating our apps. We knew from feedback you appreciated the playful, but discreet appearance of Cycles. In the new design we kept the clean and simple interface, but brought it into 2019 with brighter colors and beautifully crafted illustrations to help our users understand their observations better.

Speaking of observations, we wanted to give more options for our users to log their body and mood changes. Check out the latest additions which includes bloating, happy, high desire and more!

Insights Galore

Our pride and joy of Cycles 4 is our new Insights tab. We wanted to create something that would benefit our users and help them understand their cycle better. Check out our favourite features from this new section below:

The Overview

Starting at the top, you can easily check if your cycle is regular or out of sync. This section also highlights your top logs related to body or mood changes, sexual activity and pill intake - all in one month, three month and one year increments! With all these features at a glance, the Insights Overview screen is perfect for any doctors visit.


Stay on top of your cycle with predictions. This feature offers scientifically researched predictions on your body and mood changes based on where you are currently in your cycle.

Body & Mood Details

We wanted our users to understand their full cycle, from start to finish. Now when you log you can learn more about the observation including why you may be experiencing it and how to best manage your symptoms. Interested in the phases of your cycle? We’ve got that covered too.

We’ve Listened

In Cycles 4 we’ve opened account creation up to every Cycles member, not just Pro users. This means you can back up your data safely and privately and your personal information always stays with you - only you.

One of our top features in Cycles is Partner Connect. Now, connecting is as easy as sharing a link with your partner, and bam! You’re connected. Best of all? Only one partner needs Cycles Premium and you can both share all the benefits!

We are so excited about this update and hope you see as much value in it as we do. As always, spread the word and let us know what you think! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experiences using Cycles 4.

Love what you heard? Learn more and download Cycles here!