Seven7 2 Header
May 28, 2018

A New Energizing Workout Experience

We’re so excited to announce the new revamped Seven. This update brings a fresh design, with a new immersive workout experience that lets you focus on what matters most – getting through your workout.

From the get-go you will notice how easily you can see where you are in your workout, and what you are supposed to do, thanks to the new progress circles and status indications. But that's just the beginning, bellow are some of the highlights!

Pause to explore exercises

If you ever need to pause the workout, the new pause layout lets you easily see what exercises are left in your workout. You can also read the short instructions to make sure you do them right. If you find an exercise a bit too challenging, there are often suggestions on how to do a less advanced version of it as well.

Want to switch things up? Just tap on one of the remaining exercises to jump straight to it in your workout.

Go widescreen

If you work out on your tablet, rotate to landscape view to have the best workout experience with a large progress countdown to the left and live stats on your workout to the right.

But it’s not just your tablet that can offer the widescreen experience! Now you can also rotate your phone to enjoy your workouts in a landscape mode.

Stay pumped all the way

Ever missed the satisfaction of seeing your calories ticking up on a treadmill display? Well, now you can also see your calories ticking up on the Seven screen while working out! Just make sure your body details are set in settings and the calorie burn will be displayed during workouts (Pro tip: enable Apple Health or Google Fit sync in settings and your body details get automatically set).

We redesigned Seven with your workout experience in mind, but there are also other goodies like support for mentions with @username in comments now, a new browsing layout on iPad etc. in this update. We hope you enjoy Seven 7.2 just as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life. If you’d like to share your ideas about Seven with us – don’t hesitate to let us know! Write us at