Cycles 4 2
Mar 24, 2020

A Helping Hand For Your Cycle

Our latest update includes some of our most requested features and we’re so excited to share it with you!


We’re thrilled to announce that cycle reminders are now free for everyone, not just Premium users. Whether you want to keep track of your contraception, get discreet reminders about your cycle or simply remember to log each day, the choice is yours in Cycles 4.2.

For our Premium bunch, we have created brand new reminders arming you with helpful predictions and tips based on your cycle. Be one step ahead with phase forecasts, tailored body insights and hints on how to make the most of every stage. Think of us as the crystal ball for your cycle!

New contraception

You spoke and we listened. Whether you use a vagina ring, IUD or temperature tracking, you can now keep track of different contraceptives in cycles. We’ve also gone one step further and included reminders for those all-important gynae appointments, too! Never forget a checkup again.

Cycle View

We’ve scaled back the cycle view to its most intuitive design yet. We’ve made it even easier to toggle between today and past/future days of your cycle so that you never lose track.

Scroll back through your cycle to view logs and edit your period dates, or tap on a future date to see what to expect and when. Make a speedy return to today’s view by simply tapping ‘Today’.

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