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Sep 07, 2023

A Brand New Seven Watch App

A new Watch experience built from the ground up.

With Seven’s new Watch app you’ll have the full power and capabilities of the Seven app directly on your wrist. Everything you can do on your phone you can now do on your watch from the initial set-up of your workout plan to creating an account or joining 7 Club.

Once inside you’re a single tap away from starting your favorite workouts and exploring the full catalog of features Seven has to offer. Preview all exercises with full animation before starting your workout, start a 30 day challenge, earn fun instructors and complete all 100+ workouts in Seven. If that’s not enough, start a Quick Starter workout which gives you tailored exercises designed on your focus area and goal. There’s even more offerings under the hood with the ability to customize Seven with instructors, interval timing, plan goals and health settings now.

This new experience is all built from the ground up with a brand new design that perfectly fits watchOS 10 and all Apple Watches from the big Watch Ultra to the smallest screens.

On top of all this, Seven’s Watch app keeps its fantastic workout experience and fully animated workout sessions. Track your heart rate, calorie burn and collect fun heart boosts throughout your workout.

This new app will be available from day one of WatchOS 10 launch and we can’t wait for you to try it. We hope you enjoy your new workout experience on the Watch as much as we enjoyed making it.

Download WatchOS 10 and start exercising today!