Built for you, great for both

Cycles is the most elegant way to track your menstrual cycle without all the inputting and upkeep of similar apps. Then choose whether to invite your partner so that he can stay in sync with you. It’'s the only period and fertility tracker both of you will love.

A Cycle Built for Two

Cycles is the only app of its kind designed for both of you. We've made it fun to invite your Partner to connect and keep up with your cycle.

Keep him in the loop

  • Gain emotional support 
when you need it
  • Plan time together on special days
  • Involve him more intimately in pregnancy plans
  • Total privacy: just for you and him

Gorgeous and Fun to Use

Track your current period with one glance and see upcoming cycles in a scrolling monthly Calendar.

  • Beautiful views. Fertile days are displayed in green, your ovulation day in blue.
  • Early or late? Just rotate the dial to recalibrate. Even if you miss a few months, it still works when you come back!
  • Convenient monthly calendar to view your entire cycle instantly. Scroll to see upcoming cycles, even two months at the same time.
  • Plan upcoming events and vacations around your period
  • Predict your most fertile days with 95% accuracy. Cycles uses the modern and scientifically researched methods.

Discrete Reminders

Set personal reminders to make sure you remember to Take the Pill, or receive fun and subtle notifications like The bees are coming... to pencil in romantic evenings when planning a pregnancy.

  • Receive reminders when your period is about to start or end
  • Add playful, customized notifications for your most fertile days
  • Keeps your period Reminders and Calendar separate from iPhone's built-in apps
  • Optional passcode lock keeps your privacy absolutely secure

Track your body signals

Cycles helps you track your body signals so you can discover patterns in your cycle. It has never been easier to be prepared for any upcoming changes in your body. Or impress your doctor at the next appointment.

  • Stay on top of all your body signals, from physical symptoms to moods.
  • Cervical mucus quality (CMQ) observations and Body basal temperature (BBT) support can track your ovulation.
  • Log your sexual activity including if it was protected or unprotected. Perfect if you want to get pregnant, or just want to practice.
  • Never stay in doubt, Cycles helps you track your pill intake too, from taken, late, missed to double intake. It's all there.

Modern, Research-Based Fertility Tracking

When calculating fertility for pregnancy with natural family planning, Cycles takes advantage of scientific research that is more accurate than the 'rhythm method' of yesteryear and has a real-world failure rate comparable to that of condoms. Even so, this app is designed for informational purposes only and should not be used to prevent pregnancy.



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