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Seven FAQ

What is the 7 Month Challenge?

Work out 7 minutes per day for 7 months. That’s it! You get three hearts as you start out, miss a workout day and you lose a heart. If you lose all your hearts it’s game over and your next workout will start a new attempt.

However every month you manage to not lose all your hearts, your hearts refill to 3 again.

You can also pause the 7 Month Challenge if you get sick or can’t work out for a while. However you only have 30 pause days per year, and once they are out, the challenge resumes automatically.

Can I do other workouts some days?

Of course, the important thing is that you work out daily for at least 7 minutes to keep the habit going.

You can manually add workouts to Seven by going to the Feed section and tapping the “Add Workout” button at top. By doing this you gain statistics and unlock achievements from all your workouts.

If you don’t see the “Add Workout” button in Feed, make sure you are signed in to your Profile first.

You can also enable Apple Health in settings, Seven will then automatically import your workouts from the Health app to your Profile, as well as share all the workouts you do in Seven with the Health app.

Can I use Seven on different devices?

Yes, just sign in to your profile and Seven will keep all your workouts and progress in sync.

Can I play my own music during the workout?

Yes, just start your workout playlist and launch a workout in Seven. Your music will fade slightly during instructions throughout the whole workout.

If you would like you music to stay at full volume throughout your workouts, disable Music Fading from the Sounds section in Settings.

How many calories do the workout burn?

It varies a bit depending on intensity, your weight, gender etc. Seven can calculate the specific value for your body and workout if you connect it with the Health app from settings.

I think I lost my purchases

Please go into Settings -> 7 Club and to the bottom of the screen. There should be a ‘Restore Purchases’ button, tap that and wait for it to finish.

If it doesn’t work, make sure you are logged in to your Profile (or create one if you don’t have one), then re-install the app and try this approach again.

Why can't I log in to my Profile?

If you previously signed up with SMS and can’t log back in to your account anymore please try the “Log in with SMS” button in Settings > Support, in the Seven app.

Once you are signed in, make sure you update your email on your account to secure it for future logins.

If you are still having issues, please contact our support at

Cycles FAQ

What do the different colors mean?

Red indicates your period days and green are fertile days. Normal days are grey, and today is always the largest circle.

Find explanations of all the colors and many more features by tapping on the i (info) icon at the bottom right of the Cycle tab.

My period started 1 day early!

No problem! Use your finger to rotate the dial in the Cycle tab until the first Red day gets larger. That means you are now on day 1 of your cycle. Don’t forget to press Save.

If you think your cycle length has changed, you can calibrate that by tapping the center button and then choosing the Cycle tab at the top.

How do I reenter my period info?

Go to the Cycle tab and tap the center button to see your previous period. To recalibrate, tap the dates your previous period began and ended. Don’t forget to press Save. Cycles will now use your latest correct period to forecast your next cycles.

How can I protect my privacy?

Cycles includes a passcode lock to prevent prying eyes. Tap the Partner tab and then the Settings icon at the top (it looks like a gear). You’ll see an option to set your passcode.

Cycles also lets you set your Reminder messages to give discreet notifications like “The bees are coming.” You can set these in the Reminders tab.

What can my partner see when I share my cycle?

Your partner will see the same Cycle tab view as yours, which is updated whenever you make adjustments.
Everything inside your Reminders tab always stays private.

Email invite was not received by my partner.

Try sending another invite to make sure it was spelled right.

If it doesn’t work let your partner download the app and sign up as usual, if they use the same email as you sent the invite to, your invite should be waiting for them there.

If not, they can still send an invite to you so you can accept it and connect.

I never received a connection request from my partner.

Make sure your partner sent the invite to the same email address that is displayed under your name in the Partner tab.

Also make sure you are not already connected to someone else, as you cannot receive new connection requests if you already have a partner.

What are the benefits of using Facebook login?

The Facebook login button is used only to save you the extra steps of creating and verifying a new name/password for Cycles.

Pocket Cycle never posts anything to Facebook or uses your Facebook data in any other way.

How does Cycles know which days are fertile?

Cycles applies a scientific method if your cycle is between 26 and 32 days for increased accuracy. This method always mark day 8 to 19 in your cycle as fertile. As long as your cycle stays within 26 to 32 days this method will maintain its accuracy, regardless of when your ovulation day actually falls.

For shorter or longer cycles, fertility is calculated based on your ovulation day. Cycles does this by marking 5 days before and 2 days after your ovulation as fertile. This is because, under optimal conditions, sperm can stay alive inside a woman for up to 5 days. It has been reported that women can conceive up to 2 days after ovulation.

Note that your ovulation day may change based on outside factors, such as stress or sickness. Cycles is not intended for use as a means to prevent pregnancy in any way.

Can I calculate my own ovulation day?

Go to the Cycle tab and tap the center button. From there, select Calibrate Cycle at the top to adjust your ovulation day.

When determining the ovulation day number, remember to count the number of days backwards from when your next period will begin.

How do I adjust my average cycle length?

Go to the Cycle tab and tap the center button. From there select Calibrate Cycle at the top to adjust your cycle length.

Pocket Cycle will update your current and future cycle forecasts as soon as you press Save.

Does my cycle length change the number of fertile days?

No, it doesn’t. However, if your average cycle length is not optimal for use of the preferred scientific method for determining fertile days, Cycles applies another method instead based on your ovulation day. You can read more about it in the answer to “How does Cycles know which days are fertile?”

I don't receive my reminders.

Usually it’s because the iPhone or iPad notification settings are turned of. Enable them for Pocket Cyce by going to your device Settings and tap on Notifications.

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