5 Foods You Should Always Have at Home in 2018

Heading to the grocery store? Put these 5 foods on your list! They’re great essentials to always be stocked up on, and combined they make perfect healthy breakfasts and snacks that will keep you both feeling and looking your best, all day long.


There are tons of reasons why you should go bananas for bananas! They contain carbohydrates and vitamin B6, that both promote the formation of the hormone serotonin, which makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Your waist will be happy to know that this fruit is low in fat, which helps keep you lean and healthy long-term, and decreases the risk of coronary heart disease. And, since bananas contain enzymes, they also make awesome digestion boosters! For those of you that don’t enjoy eating bananas on their own, a great way to sneak them into your diet is by using them as a base in smoothies, as a sweetener or egg replacer in recipes, or freeze them and make banana ice cream!


Oats are one of our favorite little health bombs! They’re rich in heart-friendly fatty acids and digestive dietary fibers, as well as minerals and vitamins – especially B vitamins – which are important factors in the formation of skin and hair. A serving of oatmeal with low fat milk or soy milk makes for a quick and easy after-workout snack. It fills your carbohydrate reserves as well as supplies your muscles with protein, which gives them a perfect start to their recovery. If you’re not a big oatmeal fan, try incorporating them into your baking instead. Just mix oats in a blender until they form a smooth powder, and voila, there you have a healthier gluten-free option to wheat flour!

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds make quick and healthy grab-and-go snacks, plus, they’re easy to store and last a long time. Nuts have a high fiber content which favors your digestion, vitamin E to help strengthen your immune system, as well as copious amounts of potassium, magnesium and selenium, that provide you with antioxidants and electrolytes. An additional advantage is that nuts are a great source of complete proteins. In fact, nuts contain more protein per 100 grams than red meat! They’re also rich in healthy fats that give your body fuel and promote a healthy hormone production. We recommend 45-65 grams of healthy fats every day, which would be about 100 grams of nuts.

Frozen berries

A lot of people think that food loses most of its nutritional value when freezed. And while this may be true for some foods, it certainly isn’t the case with berries. Research has actually shown that frozen berries are richer in most vitamins than the fresh berries you by at the store. This is because they’re frozen at their nutritional peak, rather than berries that travel fresh and don’t get bought or eaten until several days or weeks later, when the vitamin levels have dropped significantly. Frozen berries also give you a lot more bang for your buck, and last in your freezer for months.

So, what makes berries so healthy? They’re loaded with antioxidants called anthocyanins, that help keep colds away as well as relieve throat inflammation. They’re also rich in vitamin C – which boosts the immune system and protects against blood clots – and are known to help keep your heart healthy, your blood pressure low and your memory sharp. Throw some frozen berries in a blender for a super boost smoothie, or thaw and add as topping on a bowl of yogurt for a healthy evening snack.


This is the best natural medicine you will find! Lemons, just like lime and grapefruit, are very basifying. This means that these substances help the body find the proper acid-base balance so that it can operate optimally. They’re also full of C vitamins that help your body’s cells form the connective tissue protein collagen that keeps the cells together. Vitamin C also prevents the harmful impacts of heavy metal contamination and other toxic pollutants from cars and factories. Starting your day with a big glass of warm lemon water (water with lemon juice squeezed into it) boosts both your metabolism and immune system, and gives you a natural flush for a kick-start to your day. Lemons also make for a healthier dressing option! Just mix lemons, herbs and some olive oil, and you have a perfect dressing for your salad.