The #1 Best Exercise For a Flat Stomach

Out of all the ab blasting exercises out there, the plank is one of our very favorites. Here’s why we love it, and why you’ll love it too!

Anywhere, Anytime

Doing the plank requires zero equipment and also not a lot of space, which makes it perfect for people constantly on-the-go. With this exercise you can get a good workout whether you’re home, at work, traveling or even at the beach.

Extremely effective

This exercise engages 100% of your core muscles! Compare this to crunches that only engage about 65%, and you’ll understand why it’s so effective for sculpting your waistline. For an extra fat loss boost we recommend the Commando Plank and Elbow Plank Jacks.

Commando Plank
Elbow Plank Jacks


The problem with other core strength exercises such as crunches and situps is that, if not done properly, they can injure your back. When you do the plank you maintain a neutral spine, making it a good exercise for both protecting and strengthening your back. Specifically the Side Plank and Buzzsaw Plank are variations that engage your back muscles and help build them up for your everyday life as well as other core exercises.

Side Plank
Buzzsaw Plank

Extra benefits

In addition to strengthening your core, the plank also helps improve your balance and posture. This is because plank exercises are static and engage your muscles the same way as when you’re sitting and standing straight. Therefore doing the plank will help you to maintain a good posture for longer periods at a time when sitting and standing, and decrease the risk of back pain which is normally caused by bad posture.

Endless variations

There are tons of different variations of the plank! We encourage you to try as many as possible to find the ones that feel and work best for you. Then combine your 7 favorite variations, and you’ve built yourself a real ab tightening workout. Or, download our app Seven and try the Plank Pirate workout, which combines 12 different planks in a row!