How to Stay Fit With an Office Job

Finding the time or energy to exercise after an 8 hour work day is not always easy. But, if you have an office job, it’s absolutely crucial both for your physical and mental health. So follow these simple steps and you’re well on your way to better lifestyle!

Start your day with a walk

Walking to work is the perfect way to boost up your energy and prepare for a long day at the desk. If you live too far away to walk or bike, that’s no excuse! Just park –or get off the bus – a couple of blocks from where you normally would and walk those last minutes. Or, if you have to park right outside, take a walk around the building before heading in. This might take you more time than you feel like you have to spare in the morning, but all you have to do is go to sleep 20 minutes earlier and you’ll be ready to wake up 20 minutes earlier the next day. Trust us, it’s worth the sacrifice!

Wake up earlier

Setting your alarm even just 30 minutes earlier than usual gives you plenty of time to get a quick 7 minute workout in before work. This is a great habit that will enhance your metabolism and improve your energy, mood and ability to focus during the day.

Adjust your workspace

If you’re able to adjust the height of your desk, take advantage of that and work standing up for at least half of the day. This way you will not only burn more calories, but you will also work with your postural muscles, giving you stronger and more flexible body mechanics and avoiding common health issues like headaches and back pain.

Always take the stairs

Whenever you have the option to choose between the stairs and the elevator, choose the stairs! This is the perfect way to sneak in some calorie-burning cardio exercise to your daily life, and it also incorporates strength training for your lower body which might be difficult to find time for otherwise.

Take a mid-day stretch

Our app Seven is practically made for people with an office job – just like you! Why not do a quick 7 minute workout prior to your healthy lunch? Or, if you want to keep the sweating to a minimum, try one our stretches to reduce stiffness and stress.